Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cat or Dog?

PICK ME! • © 2009 Diana Ting Delosh • Marker
Which would you rather be - cat or dog? Meow, meow or woof, woof? At any rate hello and welcome to the 6th game. Pick feline or canine and play by commenting.
Hope you'll join in again next week. New game will be posted next Wednessday AM.


Tara said...

So going with dog. Cats scare me: they stalk, then pounce. Did I mention scratching! Dogs like to sleep, get kicks out of chasing cars, and can make noise when needed. Sounds good to me.

Di said...

Cat - Dogs are cute and fun but i don't understand the pack mentality. Cats on the otherhand: independent & social as needed is more my speed. Plus I like the idea of having 9 lives!

Carli said...

Dog, they are full of energy and all about having fun and extremely loyal