Wednesday, August 26, 2009


HIPPOPOTAMUS & CROCODILE • © Diana Ting Delosh • Marker with Watercolor Wash

So which would you rather be this week - Hippo or Crocodile? No you can't choose to be the gnat picking birds. Please play by commenting with your choice and a brief reason why. Hope to see you next week.


Artisan said...

Hmmm....well, I think I'd rather be the cute and cuddly hippo, because they're big enough to be intimidating when they need to be, but can alsolook gentle. (Are they vegetarian?) Plus I think they're cool 'cos they can swim and hold their breath! Lets face it they look like they should sink like a stone!Crocodiles....ugh, nasty!

Tara said...

I've got to go with croc. There's now way I could lug around a big booty--even if the hide is tough.

Di said...

Definitely Hippo. An artist needs a hippo's hide to deal with all the crits & rejections.

Just looked it up - Hippos are veggie eaters.