Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Game 10: BEAR or TIGER?

Bear & Tiger Picnic • © Diana Ting Delosh • Ink & Watercolor
Bear and Tiger are having a picnic, gobbling up all the yummies, while you make a decision and comment. Which would you rather be this week, a bear or a tiger?
Have fun see you next wednessday bright eyed and bushy tailed or tailless.


Tara said...

As usual great picture. I'm so a tiger. It's my favorite animal, and a bear is my sister's. So I guess I could say you've tapped into our sibling rivalry. :]

Carli said...

My younger son Mason(3) and I would rather be bears because we love honey. Reese, my 5 year old wants to be a tiger because they are fast and strong. he said if he was a tiger he wouldn't bite and he would let people pet him.

Di said...

I would rather be a tiger - having an orange & black striped coat would just be the cat's meow.

Artisan said...

Di, why do you keep coming up with tough choices!? LOL!
I love bears, so cute and cuddly, and I personally love honey too, and the thought of hibernating through a long Canadian winter sounds wonderful! However the tiger is much better looking?...hmmm, I'll go for the long nap please!