Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Game 11: OWL or BLUEJAY?

• Ink & Watercolor

WhichWould You Rather Be - an OWL or a BLUEJAY? BTW: Owl thinks I should be writing Who not which. Bluejay has no comments about my grammar. At anyrate the question remains, night bird or day bird? Whose feathers do you think it would be more fun to inhabit?

Thanks for joing me this week. Come by next Wednesday for game 12.


Carli said...

Mason and I would choose to be owls because we like to stay up all night. Reese would choose a blue jay

Di said...

I'm fond of both birds - but I think it would be fun to be an owl flying in the night with silent wings.

Ginger*:) said...

I have a fondness for owls, but I would rather eat seeds than mice, so I will choose to be a jay.

Recently my sister, who is a librarian came to visit wearing a tee shirt that had an owl printed on it...saying WHOM, WHOM
just perfect for a librarian or a gramarian.