Wednesday, September 30, 2009


TABBY CAT & PARROT HEAD MASKS • © 2009 Diana Ting Delosh
Ink and Watercolor
Masks originally created as a self-promotion hand out.

Which would you rather be CAT or PARROT? Which mask would you like to try on? Whoose eyes would you rather see through?

This is my getting ready for Halloween Treat. Hope you enjoy it.

Now for the Trick part of Halloween. Next week and possibly the whole month of October I may have creepy, eerie, Halloweenie images on this blog vs my usual whimsical art. Come back next Wednessday, if you dare.

To use as actual masks: Click on the image and print out full size image. Cut out. Add elastic string to the sides. Cut out the eyes so you can see. Wear! These Masks are sized for kids or adults with smaller heads. Please only print out for your own personal use & not for mass distribution or for profit.


Carli said...

Mason wants to be the cat because he likes cats and Reese wants to be a parrot because they can fly and talk. I am going to print these out and make the boys masks to play with. What a great idea.

Di said...

Cats because I love them so.