Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Game 12: ANT or SNAIL?

• © Diana Ting Delosh • Marker and Watercolor

Ant and Snail are chatting away in the garden. Ant is very strong and loves showing off. Snail is hoping that ant will offer to share some cupcake. Snail will have to be patient as Ant loves to talk. Have you decided? Which would you rather be - an ANT or a Snail?

See you next wednesday for game 13. Hm-m-m-m. Good thing it's not a friday.


Tara said...

So cute! I love the picture. And I am an ant. I would love to be able to lift that much weight, and I'm attracted to food (and picnics)--just like an ant. :]

Di said...

Snail - I love the idea of being able to retreat into my home whenever the need arises and of coourse the great eye stalks.

Carli said...

cute illustration! I would rather be the strong ant because he is the one with the cupcake. Reese, my 5 year old also wants to be an ant because they are strong. Mason, my 3 year old wants to be a snail just cuz!

Renee Delosh said...

I'm late on this on but I would choose snail, because she looks very Liza Minnelli here with her makeup and I like that.